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SpeedQuizzing Live Ireland

2020 saw the rise (and rise) in popularity of the online Zoom quiz. It’s the modern twist on the traditional pub quiz. Some might say it’s ten times better! With lightning fast rounds, scavenger hunts and the chance to steal points off other teams, there isn’t a dull moment in these 90 minute events!

Lightening Fast Rounds


Point Stealing Rounds

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Who We Are

👋 Hello, I’m Rosie. Quizzing claim to fame? I appeared on both The Weakest Link & Brainteaster. I started playing SpeedQuizzing in 2020 with my family. It was a way for us to virtually meet up when it wasn’t possible to travel. We shared a beer, lots of laughs and fed our competitive sibling rivalry. We played for fun. 

When our local Parents’ Association in Co. Waterford was looking for fundraising event ideas, SpeedQuizzing seemed like the perfect solution. And it was. Over 50 teams from our local parish (and beyond) logged into Zoom on a cold October night to come together and play. It lifted our spirits and raised must-needed funds. 

I wanted to create my own space for Irish people to have shared experiences, especially while it’s not possible to meet up. A place filled with craic and ceol – although my taste in music is questionable. So, apologies in advance. 

Since it looks like your sofa is going to be the must-be place of 2021, join me and the SpeedQuizzing Live crew and put an actual social date in your diary. 

Be part of our community. Join our SpeedQuizzing Live Ireland facebook group to find out when the next quiz is.

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What Kind of Online Quizzes Are There?


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