Corporate Events

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Easy-to-Organise Corporate Events

Irish managers & bosses (just like you) are looking for unique social events and ideas for virtual staff nights out. SpeedQuizzing is perfect for this. And it’s important (now, more than ever) to boost team morale and provide a space for your colleagues to socialise and catch up. But you know that, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page…

We’ve all been invited to the after-work Zoom beer & chats. Which is fun for about five minutes. Then it all gets a bit awkward, you don’t know who should talk next and ultimately – a well intentioned get-together ends up as a flop. Plus, it takes time to organise, set up and someone needs to be the host. Pffft, sounds like work.

Let us take all the pain out of your staff night IN with a trivia-filled quiz night. Play in teams or individually, for fun or supply your own prizes. All you need to do is pick a date and time – SpeedQuizzing Live Ireland will do the rest.

Not only will your work crew have an unforgettable night of entertainment, you will scoop all the kudos for booking it. What are you waiting for? Enquiry today.