What is a smartphone quiz?

A smartphone quiz is played through an app and usually, one other device like a laptop or tablet. The SpeedQuizzing Live app turns your phone into an answer key pad, while you will watch your host asking questions through Zoom. Once a question has been asked, you will be able to answer a letter, number, multiple choice or sequence question. You don’t need any pens or paper to play.

Do I need to be good on computers to play?

No, but you will need to be able to login into Zoom using a link provided or by entering the meeting ID number. You will also need to download the app to your phone from the Apple or Play Store. Your friendly host will help you if you need to practice, and are available online for 30 minutes before the quiz starts.

What do I need to play a smartphone quiz?

To play a smartphone quiz you will need two devices that can connect to the internet. Most people use a phone (which becomes their answer keypad) and a bigger device to watch the host and see questions on screen – usually a laptop or tablet. If you have a smart TV you can cast your screen to your telly to see the event on a bigger screen.